The Intricate Gods

An exhibition crafted by citizens inspired by the tales of the Norse gods

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Would you like to tinker, crochet, knit, or felt Æsir, Vanir, giants, and other mythical creatures from Norse mythology and contribute to showcasing the Danish history, the Norse gods, and the Viking Age?

In August-September 2023, one of Denmark’s central Viking areas will provide the setting for the World Canoe and Kayak Marathon Championships.
A grand and entirely unique event, where in addition to celebrating the numerous newly crowned world champions, we will honor Denmark’s history by spotlighting Norse mythology. Perhaps in collaboration with you!

A craft project for all

If you’re passionate about a craft trade and creative projects, we need you.

We would like to invite EVERYONE who is interested to create their own version of one of the figures or gods from Norse mythology. Whether you’re a crafting expert or just starting to learn, you can easily participate in the project.

All contributions will be gathered, and during the World Championships, an exhibition will be set up showcasing all the dolls and figures. This way, we can present spectators and participants with a small piece of Danish history.

The Figures

The figures that we can recognize from Norse mythology should measure approximately between 18 and 22 cm, otherwise, everything else is open to interpretation.

The many figures are collected or sent to the Vejen Municipality’s activity center, Knudepunktet. We would greatly appreciate receiving your contribution along with a brief description of your figure and your name.

Send to Ann Røge, Kærhøjparken 19, 6600 Vejen. You can also drop off your figure during Knudepunktet’s opening hours: Monday-Thursday 8:00-15:30 and Friday 8:00-13:00.

Filling material: You also have the option to pick up filling material for your figure or doll at Knudepunktet.

DEADLINE: The figures must be submitted no later than August 15, 2023


All the figures will become part of a comprehensive exhibition during the World Championships (week 35). The exhibition will be set up at the Planetarium, Søvej 36, 6630 Rødding.

Price: Free admission

Get a basic recipe for a figure

and find inspiration

Inspiring stories

Get a basic recipe for a figure and find inspiration for which god or figure you’d like to create right here.